Curiouser & Curiouser

maro parents
2 min readJul 6, 2021
Photo Creds: Mel Poole

The following is a response to Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg)’s question: What have you been puzzled by lately?

The following are both puzzling and just-straight-up-random thoughts from the past 3 or so weeks. Tagging some pals to help quell a wandering mind.

  • Is it possible that reiki energy practices could be grounded in bioelectric science? Meaning, if a reiki master is considered a conduit for energy from one body to another and that energy is meant to provide healing, are reiki masters channeling bioelectric currents and redirecting them to parts of the body that need healing? If so, do you think an enhanced understanding of bioelectric currents could strengthen and legitimize holistic medicine practices like reiki?

That’s a whole rabbit hole and I have a full blown theory on this but we’ll see what Popular Science has to say since I am far from an expert in energy practices or bioelectric engineering. P.S. Check out this article on franken-frogs to learn what bioelectric signals are: This scientist re-wires frogs to grow extra limbs. Could it work in humans?)

  • Why are we not using VR to simulate “world with” and “world without” exercises for technologists and scientists to help them think through the reality of their inventions coming to life?

We’re talking about the nuances and the meaty, hard-to-project but important stuff here. In my opinion, we’d be setting ourselves up for success as a society a lot more if we scenario model social, economic and environmental impact as rigorously as we model financial projections — this coming from someone who worked in finance. Virtual Reality Pop Fred Wilson

  • How do they shoot the footage in high quality nature documentaries?

Okay, for real though?! There’s so much more to it than ‘drones’. The next nature documentary to come out needs to be on how they film nature documentaries. I’ve seen some articles, but I’m not satisfied with the responses yet. Nat Geo Explorers Christina Warren Storyhunter

  • Remember Whose Line Is It Anyway? I hope those guys dedicate their bodies to science.

I swear they’ve unlocked parts of their brain that go beyond ‘oh, they’ve just been doing it for a while and now they’re really good’. Firm believer that some of the smartest who walk among us are improv actors and comedians. Then again, maybe it’s best we don’t have Wayne, Colin and Ryan teaming up with scientist Michael Levin. I hope, by the time that happens, VR scenario modeling for startups is robust enough to handle the imaginations of that crew.