As a parent, it can be difficult to determine when your little one needs professional help to cope with their anxiety. Is their worry situational and something you can help them through? Or, is it something that seems to be consuming them every day?

Thinking through this decision can feel like a lot, and understandably so. Try organizing your thoughts by asking yourself a few questions.

Make a list of some behaviors you’ve noticed lately that are worrying you and be specific about what’s happening and when it’s happening.

Instead of saying “he cries all the time”, try saying “he…

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Every child worries. And whether it be about their first day of school or trying out a new sport, every worry matters. It’s important that you, as a parent, let them know that you’re listening, let them know you understand, and help them understand as well. Keep in mind that kids learn how to recognize and express their worry by observing and mimicking others’ behavior or relying on you to teach them! Here’s some tips on explaining worry and anxiety to your little one.

Validation is key.

When your kid is worried, they might feel like something is wrong with…

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The following is a response to Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg)’s question: What have you been puzzled by lately?

The following are both puzzling and just-straight-up-random thoughts from the past 3 or so weeks. Tagging some pals to help quell a wandering mind.

  • Is it possible that reiki energy practices could be grounded in bioelectric science? Meaning, if a reiki master is considered a conduit for energy from one body to another and that energy is meant to provide healing, are reiki masters channeling bioelectric currents and redirecting them to parts of the body that need healing? …

So That I Could Learn Something I Should Have Learned In School

The year I was diagnosed with ADHD categorized as emotional-over-response.

Early On

My mom noticed “small things” at age 4. Zoning out. I had a hard time following instructions and managing time. I would cry often about small things and get frustrated easily.

The first doctor she spoke with said it was ADHD. I was her first kid. She believed what the doctor told her. My dad pushed back, “She’s 4 years old. Of course she’s responding like this.” He wanted more opinions. So, they got more opinions. They talked to a therapist, ADHD coaches, teachers, doctors, more therapists, psychiatrists, ADHD specialists, my school principal.

All of them sensed something.

And, with…

“The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered with darkness, and struggle to reach the light.”

— Sandra Kring, author

The truth is, one year’s hardships do not simply dissolve with one orbit around the sun. …

We originally wrote this children’s book for publish in our mobile app, maro, where we give parents & kids content to use as a medium for tough growing-up conversations around mental & reproductive health, empathy, and diversity. Although the following story contains important knowledge about the body & how it works, it doesn’t really align with those 4 education verticals. So, we thought we’d release it for free. Tell us your honest opinions (i.e. would you use this to teach young kids about their bodies?) …

Understatement of the year: parenting while struggling with your own mental health is challenging.

The truth is, as much as we don’t like to hear it, the ways we manage our own anxiety and stress — positive or negative — can impact our kids. But, before you can help your child, you have to learn to manage your own stress and anxiety in healthy ways.

All of us react poorly at times when we’re overwhelmed or frustrated. We raise our voice at our child when we shouldn’t or we let little things bother us that normally would not. …

How a bride and her bridesmaid launched an app on the day of her wedding

Entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs because we are addicted to the adrenaline rush. In therapy, we’re told not to allow ourselves to conflate our personal identity with that of our companies, projects, products…

Why are entrepreneurs at heightened risk for this test of psychological objectivity? Why, in this demographic, is our sense of personal worth so deeply and so perilously tied to the same metrics that we report to our shareholders?

The answer is undisputedly human. Ideating, building, delivering. This is how we establish our sense of purpose and we crave that purposefulness 100% of the time. Every day is judgement day…

Pitching at StartEd’s Demo Day

In my early-to-late teen years, I was raped and experienced sexual trauma and harassment that required an immense amount of work to begin to heal once I was in college. I began engaging with the women’s center and the Gender Studies program my Freshman year which led to opportunities to volunteer with local women and children’s advocacy groups and direct service organizations. This gave me life. Surrounded by women I deeply admired — doing work that helped me heal in the process.

After spending two and half years working with various grassroots organizations and becoming certified in trauma-informed care, a…

My Co-Founder, Lilly Mittenthal, and I started building a technical solution to increase access to effective health, wellness and sex education about 7 months ago. Now, we’re ready to share it with the world. If you’re interested in being an early adopter, please let us know at

The Genesis

BeforeWeBegin spun out of three years of research on the implementation of sex education in the United States. After gaining a deep understanding of the barriers that educators face (i.e. time, fragmentation of resources, lack of engaging digital resources, varying regulation and compliance state-by-state, etc.), it became evident that many…

Kenzie & Lilly

Co-Founders of maro parents; you can reach us at

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